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The Public Opinion Research Institute was established in 2013 by a group of sociologists with professional experience of more than 22 years. The Institute specializes in the study of public opinion, conducts marketing and sociological studies, both in Kazakhstan and in other countries of the world. Highly qualified sociological experts of the Institute have experience in conducting research in the countries of Central Asia, Western Europe, Russia, China, Mongolia, Turkey, the USA, Canada, etc.

Research Institute staff members are members of international professional networks - European Society of Marketing Research Professionals ESOMAR (www.esomar.org), World Association for Public Opinion Research (WAPOR), Association of Turkic Sociologists, WVS (World Values Survey).

In 2018, the Institute became a member of WVS -7, having conducted values survey of the seventh wave in Kazakhstan. World Values Survey Research Program is the world's largest international scientific program and research network in the field of sociology and social sciences in general, as well as a project to study value systems and values change in particular. In May 2018, the Public Opinion Research Institute and the World Values Survey Research Organization (Austria, Vienna) held a Scientific workshop "The World Values Survey (1981-2018): Exploring the Cultural Change. Organization, History, Findings". The WVSA President prof. Christian Haerpfer and Head of the WVSA Secretariat Dr. Kseniya Kizilova made a speech at the Scientific workshop.

In its research, the Public Opinion Institute is guided by ESOMAR standards and norms (www.esomar.org). A number of Institute staff members completed Kansas University ethics courses on working with respondents and received a Certificate (Collaborative institutional training initiative (CITI Program) Certificate).

The Institute has a permanent interviewer network in Kazakhstan and in the countries of Central Asia, maintains partnerships with research institutions of the CIS countries and other countries of the world.

The special activity of the Public Opinion Research Institute is scientific work. The Institute employees constantly participate in academic fundamental research and regularly publish articles in various scientific journals of the world. Stuff members go on internships and exchange experience in international specialized organizations in partnership with a number of leading analytical structures in the world. In addition, undergraduate students, graduate students and PhD students from leading universities of Kazakhstan and several foreign countries undergo internships at the Institute.

The Research Institute conducts sociological researches using quantitative and qualitative methods for collecting information. The Institute conducts research using tablets, laptops, mobile phones.

The Institute's sociologists are developing new research methods, including research methods in the form of sociological expeditions, using interdisciplinary methods in order to solve complex research problems. Experts in various areas are additionally involved when it is necessary.

The Institute regularly holds Expert Meetings with famous researchers, experts and scientists from around the world. Scientists, researchers, representatives of state and non-state analytical structures, graduate and doctoral students are invited. Expert meetings have been held since 2012.

Within the framework of the VII and VIII Astana Economic Forum (May 2014, May 2015), a panel session "Public Perception of Eurasian Integration" was held, organized by the Center for Integration Studies of the Eurasian Development Bank and the Public Opinion Research Institute.

Since 2016, the Institute regularly conducts Scientific seminars on migration in partnership with the School of Sciences and Humanities of Nazarbayev University. Further
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