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May 26-28, 2023, employees of the Institute, researchers of the Kazakh diaspora - Botagoz Rakisheva, Gulden Ashkenova and Ainur Mazhitova took part in the Kurultai of Kazakhs of Europe, held in Cologne (Germany). The organizer was the Kazakh Cultural Center in Cologne with the support of NJSC “Otandastar Foundation” and the Embassy of Kazakhstan in Germany.

Within the framework of the Kurultai, such events as a meeting of the leaders of the Kazakh diaspora in European countries, youth conference, football tournament, concert, trade fair of craftspeople and artists from Kazakhstan, exhibitions, national games, photo shoots were organized.

In total, the Kurultai brought together more than 2,000 Kazakhs from different countries of Europe and from Kazakhstan, in addition, former compatriots from the German ethnic group who moved to Germany from Kazakhstan took part in the Kurultai.

We thank the Kazakh Cultural Center in Cologne and NJSC “Otandastar Foundation” for the excellent organization of the Kurultai and the opportunity to participate in such an important event.